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Custom Data Management

November 16, 2015

Maybe you are using spreadsheets, or perhaps you are feeling trapped in a CRM with features that don't meet you business needs. Either way, it may be time for you to consider a custom Database Management system designed specifically for your business. Jimp Studio specializes in MySQL/PHP powered apps that are built to your exact specifications. Whether you are struggling to sync your contacts to your email campaigns, or need a better solution for online invoicing, or just need to feel as though you (and only you) own your data again, then our custom app development is probably the right fit for you. Hosted on our own secure cloud in a VPS environment, you'll never need to worry about who has access to your data again.

Tags:   data   database   app   software   cloud   VPS   spreadsheet   MySQL   custom  

We are right at home with (can't live without) the following technologies:

html5 css3 javascript ubuntu/linux php mysql

And we develop projects for a menagerie of platforms (here's just a few):

Get Simple CMS Zen Cart WordPress Opencart Drupal Magento Joomla OScommerce

News & Views

Announcing our new Core App!

May 11, 2017

Jimp Studio's new Core Application has arrived! Bundling comprehensive contact managem...

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Need a Web Dev Hero?

September 22, 2016

Okay. So your business website is fine. You have figured out WordPress (or another...

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